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从希腊神话、埃及时代到非洲马赛族,Kasha Bali 珠宝的灵感来源于一些标志性的女性文明。卡莎珠宝体现了独立强大的女性, 她们喜欢独一无二的珠宝,以精致和性感的方式装扮自己。所有系列首饰全手工一次一件制作而成,主要材质是铜,其中一个重要原因是黄铜易于回收,也易于清洁和维护。清洁黄铜只需要一块温暖潮湿的毛巾。Kasha Bali 珠宝在讲述故事。关于女性在日常生活中为了找到并保持平衡而奋斗的故事,觉醒和启蒙的故事,优雅的设计符号引领方向的故事。

Inspired by iconic women civilizations from the Greek mythology to the Egyptian era all the way to the African Maasai, Kasha Bali Jewelry reflects independent and empowered women, that like one-of-a-kind jewelry to dress up with sophistication and sensuality.All the collections are crafted by hand, one piece at a time in brass.Furthermore, brass is easily recycled and is also easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning brass requires nothing more than a warm, damp washcloth. Kasha Bali Jewelry tells a story.Story of women that have to fight in their everyday life to find and keep balance.Story of awakening and enlightenment. Story where synchronicities and ethereal signs lead the way。

Kasha Bali 珠宝根植于宇宙法则和奥秘,它有自己的频率,爱和普遍性的频率。这些珠宝被爱引导,为爱创造。当佩戴者与首饰产生共鸣,佩戴者用自己的能量给首饰“充电”,首饰会成为他们最好的盟友,升华佩戴者的服装,让佩戴者更闪耀。 Kasha is rooted into the universal laws and secrets. Kasha Bali jewelry holds a frequency, the frequency of Love and universality.Their jewelry are channeled and created with Love, for Love.When the user of the jewelry connects with the jewelry piece, charges it with energy, the jewelry will become best ally from subliming the outfits to make the user shine her better light.

Kasha Bali 珠宝创始人Kenza Barrada 认为,只要你敢于想象,你就能够创造,只要敢于梦想 ! 她是摩洛哥出生的印尼巴厘岛人、珠宝商,在巴黎取得奢侈品双工商管理硕士学位。她致力于通过创造性,特别是美丽的艺术作品赋予女性以权力。从印度尼西亚的心脏与无与伦比的巴厘岛,到爱之城巴黎,以及呼吸着时尚和美丽的令人兴奋的迈阿密,这些地方以及世界上的许多其他城市都留下了她的脚印。简而言之,她是一个全球公民,通过珠宝艺术关注女性赋权。她是一个不拘一格的革新者,准备走一条新的道路,并希望能够照亮别人的路。

If you can dream, you can create.Just dare to dream! Kenza Barrada,the founder of Kasha Bali Jewelry,thinks so.She is a Moroccan-born Bali based Jeweler,holds a double MBA in Luxury Marketing from Paris. She is intensely committed to women empowerment through creativity, and most especially through beautiful works of art. From the inimitable Bali, the very heart of Indonesia, to Paris, the city of love, breathing both fashion and beauty to the titillating Miami where enchantments and allure rule the waves, she has left a foot print and still has more pasted on many cities of the world.In short, she is a global citizen making a unique statement with women empowerment through art defined by the fine strokes of jewelry. Kenza is an eclectic innovator ready to walk a new path and shine the light for others.



It all started with a dream

所有的这一切都始于一个梦,她已故的祖父出现在她面前,叮嘱她应该创建自己的品牌。作为一个时尚达人,她投身于时尚搭配和设计之中。但正向的精神引导她认识了巴厘岛最优秀的人,随后她确定自己应该尝试一些新的东西。很快,她就选择了珠宝。2016 年,Kasha Bali 珠宝开始了它的旅程。

Her late grandfather appeared to her and held a huge promise that she should create a franchise of her own. Being fashion taken, she initially settled for fashion and design. But the good spirit would led her to the very best people in Bali, and she was then sure, she would try something else. And quickly,she settled for Jewelry. Thus began the journey of Kashi Bali Jewelry in 2016.


Kenza has woven a mystique around her jewelry because she has had a long date with spiritual experiences. Since she has developed a brand against all odds, Kenza believes other women can do the same. So she hopes to get the women mentored to acquire and have some independence as well as make some strong statement.




净利降近九成 明牌珠宝上半年营收18.17亿元

北京商报讯(记者 赵述评 实习记者 胡静蓉)8月23日,浙江明牌珠宝股份有限公司(以下简称“明牌珠宝”)发布2022年半年度报告显示,实现营收18.17亿元,同比下降9.96%。归母净利润0.37亿元,同比下降89.74%。


顶级珠宝除了公认的三大品牌,卡地亚、宝格丽、蒂芙尼之外,还有很多非常著名的品牌,它们有的来自奢侈品巨头,有的至今还是独立的家族品牌,让我们来欣赏它们最新款的高级珠宝,一定会让你大开眼界。香奈儿 CHANEL香奈儿小姐非常喜欢威尼斯。


美丽,璀璨,保值,亦或值得传承收藏,这些珠宝常识你都知道吗?一、什么是宝石和玉石? 宝石广义上讲是石中最美最贵重较稀少的一类。 它包括狭义的宝石和玉石两 大类。狭义的宝石是指自然产出的单质(如自然金、金刚石)或化合物(如水晶、 红蓝宝)的单



Elsa Peretti去世,这3位传奇女设计师的珠宝为什么又Cool又抢手?










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